The sea of Tuscany: yacht tour

From the port of Marina di Pisa, in a strategic position between Portofino, the Tuscan islands up to Corsica and Sardinia

The Tuscan sea offers enchanting scenery for those who want to take a vacation in the islands by yacht or those who want a bit of pushing social life to the beautiful harbor which is Portofino.

The Tuscan archipelago consists of seven beautiful islands, sailing from the north to the south we find the Gorgona, Capraia, Elba, Pianosa, Montecristo, Giglio and Giannutri.

You can find sandy beaches and golden or pebble beaches, coves accessible only by sea or beaches equipped with all comforts.

Thanks to the yacht and an experienced captain be able to see hidden coves and explore the most beautiful seabed by snorkeling.

The Tuscan archipelago, however, not only offers clear water and beautiful beaches, the Tuscan islands are rich in artistic paths and culurali little known.

The little presence of settlements over the centuries, especially in the smaller islands has helped to preserve the harmony and naturalness of the places, such as Giglio and Capraia, the small paths through the pine woods and the Mediterranean are the primary means of move, with stunning views overlooking the sea.

 The island of Elba is the largest and most populated island of the Tuscan archipelago, the ideal destination for a holiday in yachts, coves accessible only by boat, waters rich in life and shipwrecks for those who love snorkeling, beaches fine sand, typical restaurants for an evening of good food and a glass of Tuscan wine

We have testimonies of the city and fortifications on the island since the time of the Etruscans who were attracted by the large iron ore deposits of the island, they were the first to populate the island of Elba as early as the eighth century BC.

The Romans continued to exploit the island's iron and used it even the granite quarries to build their imposing bridges and amphitheaters across Europe.

In the Middle Ages the Elbe was conquered by the Republic of Pisa Marinara, who left testimony in many churches in the Pisan Romanesque style, the tower of San Giovanni in Campo and Marciana defensive fortress.

In 1548 the whole island passed into the hands of the Florentine Medici family and Cosimo I built the fortified town of Portoferraio is still today a magnificent example of military town planning.

Following Austrians, Germans, English and French, attracted by the island's mineral resources battled for the conquest of the island, he won Napoleon Bonaparte who built new roads and houses are still used.

The island of Giglio is the second largest island of the archipelago Toscano extension and is an island very charming for its wild nature and the mild climate almost all year that make being a perfect destination for your vacation yacht

The Giglio Island is the perfect destination for lovers of wild landscapes and activities such as bird watching, hiking in contact with nature and scuba diving, is rich in Mediterranean flora and rare animal species and is mainly mountainous.

However, what makes this island so famous is the wide variety of its coasts, dominated by cliffs and coves accessible only by sea alternate with sandy beaches and crystal clear seawater.

The most important architectural monument of the island is the castle with inside the church St. Peter the Apostle in 1300.

Yacht rental for the Tuscan archipelago you can find it easily at the Port of Marina di Pisa: rent yacht Italy, strategically situated between Portofino, the Tuscan islands and Corsica will allow you to quickly reach all the islands of ' archipelago as well as Sardinia, and for worldliness lovers you can also reach Portofino to admire this charming port, its typical houses with pastel color facades, and eat in a restaurant overlooking the sea.

Of course in addition to the Tuscan archipelago being the port of Pisa located in a privileged location, you can also easily reach the Cinque Terre, the five famous villages overlooking the sea that are nestled between the cliffs and the sea, a landscape that deserves to be seen especially from the sea thanks to your personal yacht.

You can rent it for a weekend or a week with all the comfort and thanks to an experienced captain can visit any more wild and less touristy that these areas are able to offer.


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